Proper Elimination For Weight Loss, Health, and Longevity...
by team Christopher Guerriero


Throughout the years our bodyís have digested and assimilated hundreds of thousands of pounds of food. Amazing! But, what is most important to understand is that unless we have consumed the correct foods, our bodyís probably have not entirely digested everything, at least not yet.

Proper elimination is essential to weight loss, health, and longevity.

When life began for us, our system was clean and efficient in the way that it processed what we ate. As we entered our teens and our hormones started kicking in, the way that our digestive system reacted to the foods we consumed changed. 

As we pass our teens and enter into adulthood our enzyme production changes. And as we enter every stage of life the way that our body reacts to food changes. Doesnít it make sense that our eating habits should also change. Has it? If youíre like 99% of Americans, the answers is, no.

You see, each time our body goes through a change, no matter how big of small, the consistency and the concentration of enzymes in our systems also change. Meaning that we must either change the way that we eat, or continuously clean out our digestive tracts. 

The latter is much easier! 

Changing the way that we eat would entail: first monitoring our cyclical tendencies, to show when we needed to change, and then testing out how different foods affected us. By the time that we tested out all of the foods thoroughly enough, our bodyís would most likely have entered into another stage, and it would be time to start the whole process over again. Rather than going through all that, you could easily keep your digestive system clean by fasting once per week.

When the human body is given the wrong foods on a regular basis it tends to build up matter on the walls of itís colon and lower bowels. If this matter is allowed to remain - it ferments. This fermentation causes smells to emanate either from the skin or the mouth. This matter is responsible for something even worse than fermentation, it is the main cause of any blockage in the bowels. This blockage can, at itís worst case, cause illness and eventually death.

Throughout the years, this matter forms layers which are virtually glued to the walls of your digestive tract, the longer they are left alone, the higher up they can venture. Usually starting within your colon and traveling up your lower bowels. 

The real danger here. There is a protective valve that is responsible for only allowing substances to pass down from your digestive tract into your elimination tract. When this matter eventually reaches this valve, it will hinder itís performance, allowing this poisonous, fermenting matter up into your digestive system. Which will process it like it were a food and unfortunately assimilate it into pieces so small that they will enter your blood stream an! d cause some type of toxic poisoning.

But before this whole process begins, our bodyís have a sort of warning mechanism that will signal. The warning is usually, yes you guessed it, constipation. Something that we have all experienced at one time or another. Although constipation is always bad, getting constipated does not always mean that we are in danger of toxic poisoning. People who are constantly constipated or plagued with frequent spurts of constipation are the ones that this is aimed at.

Cleaning out the entire elimination tract and re-energizing the entire digestive tract once per week is recommended for everyone. This process will scrape away at the built up matter and eventually flush all of it out, allowing your entire system a chance to really function the way that it was meant to. 

The benefits that you can expect from this are many-fold, including: better sleeping patterns, stronger concentration and focus, much less stress, stronger muscle contractions, better absorption of nutrients into your muscles organs and bones, and much more energy.

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