10 Proven Ways To Live Life In The Body Of Your Dreams...
...Even If You’re On Thyroid Medication!

by Chris Guerriero

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As many of you know, our primary focus in the research center (National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center) is NOT weight loss or energy enhancement. Our prime focus is health, on a cellular level, which maximizes a persons natural energy level and helps them to look and feel years younger…


…However, one of the major side effects of that kind of “health” is a dramatic drop in body fat! And the reason for that, is because we help people become healthier by BALANCING THE SYSTEMS WITHIN THEIR BODY.

The first system we look at, when studying a person, is their Thymus system, simply because it can be such a powerhouse of influence over every other system in the body, and what we’ve found is that many other systems in the body which relate to a person’s cellular health, or the way they store and utilize bodyfat, or the way they metabolize and assimilate their food, etc, etc, etc -> are really thymus-dependent systems, meaning that without a healthy “environment” surrounding their thymus system, getting noticeable results in almost any weight loss, or health program is a struggle.

To top that off… if any system in your body, including your glandular systems {The glandular system includes the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, pineal, thymus and gonads (ovaries or testes).} is out of balance, then your body will automatically begin storing bodyfat and burning energy inefficiently – making a person fatter and more sluggish no matter what diet or exercise program they try (either from the imbalance of hormones now present in the body, or from medications used to mimic those hormones).

WOW – that sounded like bad news, didn’t it?

Well it’s not bad news… In fact, the main focus of this report is to hand you a few, simple strategies to create a healthy environment which balances out every system in your body even if you no longer have a thyroid gland. And as we all know (but few people like to admit), it’s the small things – the almost insignificant things – the things that the masses skip – which can have the most dramatic impact on a person’s health… if they’re smart enough to do the small persistently.


Why We Need A Healthy Thyroid

The prime purpose of the thyroid gland is to produce hormones that work to maintain and properly regulate the body’s metabolism and immune system. As we all know, most patients who undergo either a partial of full thyroid removal will be prescribed replacement hormones to help make up for the lack of natural hormone production. If only part of a patient’s thyroid is removed, he or she may also be prescribed medication designed to keep the gland from producing additional thyroid stimulating hormones, which can promote the re-growth of cancerous thyroid cells.

Now as I mentioned earlier… Thyroid medication, coupled with thyroid removal, can often cause loss of energy and an increase in body weight, but there are several natural options available which will allow you to enjoy everything you previously enjoyed in life BTR (before Thyroid removal) – including a slim, energized body. 

10 Natural Ways To Drop Weight &
Boost Your Mental and Physical Energy


The following are the top 10 natural methods we’ve found in the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center to improve weight loss, as well as physical and mental energy for patients who are on thyroid medication:

1. Small Amounts Of Resistance Training: The catch-22 associated with thyroid disease is that individuals tend to gain noticeable amounts of weight, yet they lack the energy to get out and exercise in order to help lose some of that weight. The best way to take on this problem is to increase your metabolism, which is of course directly affected by having the thyroid removed. So how do you increase your metabolism to encourage weight loss? The answer is simple: make resistance training (a.k.a. weightlifting) a part of your week – every week. Studies have shown that muscle cells are almost eight times more active than fat cells, burning far more calories than fat cells. By lifting weights, your body will build more muscle density (not size), which will lead to a significant metabolic increase, energy increase, and a dramatic improvement in your physical shape – assuming that you are persistent in your routine (3 times per week, every week).

For example:

Keep a pair of light dumbbells near your bed, and each morning when you wake up, commit to picking up the dumbbells (before you do anything else – right after your feet hit the floor pick up those dumbbells), then do 10 bicep curls, 10 side laterals, 10 overhead presses, and 10 lunges – then, and only then, gently place the dumbbells back under your bed for the next morning.

But wait! That’ll only take about 4 minutes. Could that 4 minutes, 3-times each week really make a difference? Could you really change your metabolism with such a small modification to your lifestyle? Absolutely – yet the masses will complain, year after year, that their body get’s fatter and fatter, and that nothing this minor could have such a big impact. Those a re the same individuals who say that eating just a little junk food every day won’t kill you – but let me assure you, that everything you do, whether good or bad, adds up…

For example:

…Eat a little junk food once per week, and most likely nothing bad will ever happen to you, and you’ll be able to enjoy that junk food when you eat it… Exercise only once per week, and nothing good will ever come from that exercise – but do either one of these PERSISTENTLY – and the effects of those actions will add up and produce measurable, noticeable results.

2. You can also increase your overall metabolism by making some slight changes to your diet – don’t get nervous – I said SLIGHT changes. Eating more lean protein, and less of the main-stream carbohydrates and fats is an easy way to accomplish this. When you do consume carbohydrates, try to get them from non-starchy vegetables like greens, peppers, broccoli, and even beets.

And if you feel the need for sweets or chocolates, then grab yourself a low carbohydrate protein shake, and whip yourself up a cup of pudding (low-carb chocolate protein mix and just enough water to make a thick pudding like liquid – then leave it in the refrigerator overnight – what a nice breakfast to eat after your morning 4-minute exercise routine).

...or a batch chocolate brownies (low-carb chocolate protein mix and just enough egg whites to make a thick paste – then stick it in a warm oven on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes or just until the brownies look ready… cut into squares and mmmmmm).

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3. Good Ole Water, with a different twist. Ok – I know that everyone already knows how important water is to the health of every cell in your body, but here’s a tactic that’s especially effective for those on Thyroid medication. 

During the night, while you’re sleeping, your body loses more than 8 ounces of water. Now assuming that you’re already healthy and fully hydrated when you fall asleep, then all you really need to do is drink a cup of water, and you’ll be back in balance, however…

…if you’re not fully hydrated, then it takes approximately 3 days of proper water intake to regain full hydration in your cells, at which point your body begins to drop fat, excrete excess water, and work substantially better.

Let’s assume that you’re healthy, and that you’re fully hydrated normally which means that you consume approximately 8 ounces of water for every 14-20 pounds of body weight you currently carry around. The first thing you should do when you wake up, every morning, is to drink a full glass of water (try getting in 12-20 ounces before your feet hit the floor).

So what does your morning look like so far? You wake up, you drink a glass of water, you get out of bed, you grab your dumbbells and play around for 4 minutes, then you head down to the kitchen and eat some pudding… That sounds like a pretty great start to a great day, and a terrific start to a long life in a lean, energized body. But there’s more you can do…

4. Seaweed anyone? Okay, it isn’t exactly seaweed, but kelp, which is a natural source of iodine, and it can help those who no longer have a fully functional thyroid, with both weight loss and energy gain. Iodine nourishes the environment surrounding the glands of your body, and while I’m certainly NOT recommending that you consume iodine pills or tablets, eating foods like kelp (which is very high in natural iodine) can help with weight and energy problems associated with even moderate thyroid issues. Kelp is used in almost all “greens drinks” on the market – see www.MaximizeYourMetabolism.com/supplements.html for a high quality greens drink.

5. Getting yourself "regular" will help you lose weight and regain your energy level after thyroid surgery. Fiber is essential to any weight loss plan for one reason: it fills you up, thus reducing your urge to eat more than you really need, and it helps you become more regular (it helps you poop). Most people today only consume about 10 grams of fiber each day, when on average, most people require 30-31 grams of fiber, depending on several factors. Natural fiber supplements and fiber-rich foods, which include almost all vegetables especially low carb vegi’s, low sugar fruits, and grains, can help you reach the levels of fiber needed to help lose weight – naturally. But you can also stimulate your body to release any stored fecal matter by adding a little lemon juice and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to your water each day.

Here’s the formula to follow: in at least 2 cups of your water each day, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh or concentrate), and a pinch of cayenne pepper – then drink! It’s simple, it tastes great, and it gently cleans out your bowels without the need to buy any harsh colon cleansers.

6. Sounds a little strange, but let’s look at Chia seed. Chia seeds have been a part of the diet of the indigenous people of the Americas for hundreds of years. Not only do they promote an increase in energy and stamina, but they are also rich in everything from proteins, omega-3’s, and antioxidants, to B vitamins, calcium, and fiber. In addition, mixing one part chia seed, with 9-10 parts water, produces a tasteless thin gel that can be added to just about any food. This same gel is formed in the stomach when the seeds are eaten, and it creates a physical barrier between carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes that break them down, thus slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. Chia is a relatively tasteless seed that can be sprinkled on salad or into your cereal, or used in cooking almost anything from tomato sauce to soup.
Again, this is a small, almost unnoticeable thing a person can do that, when done persistently can make a big impact on their health -> but the masses sometimes prefer to complain, then to thrive… but that’s not you! So keep reading…

7. Activity is essential. Since thyroid surgery can clearly “zap” individuals of their energy, it is important for them to find time to be active. Though, until the above tactics begin boosting your energy you may not yet have the energy for a complete aerobic workout, but short bursts of activity spread throughout the day can also help, not just by improving your mental and physical energy but also by burning any of that stubborn bodyfat still stuck on you from the thyroid medication. 

10-minute sessions of physical activity (which can include dancing) have proven to be the best approach. But when the heck does one fit 10 minutes of exercise into their busy life? How about at lunchtime, when most people are shoveling cr*%p down their throat, you can slip away into a quite spot, plug into your IPOD, and dance for 10 minutes – or walk around the building 1 time… then have lunch. 



I hope that, by this time, you’re beginning to see the value of the “simple things”.


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8. Spice up your life with a little cinnamon. At one time, cinnamon was considered a very precious commodity. Today our researchers are beginning to understand, and become fascinated more and more by its health benefits. Used as a natural supplement in teas and other foods, cinnamon can be very effective in promoting everything from improved memory to improved weight loss. Studies have found that just a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can encourage fat cell response to natural insulin levels. But what does that have to do with you? Listen, not everything here will directly support your thyroid or lack of thyroid… but that’s not the sole purpose of this report. I’ve written this report to help you enjoy life again – and to enjoy it in a body that you can be proud of. So add a little spice to your life, and along with all the other little tactics we’re discussing you’ll begin to enjoy a more full life in a leaner, firmer, sexier body.

9. An entire grocery store of foods exists that help to improve both mental and physical health. It’s time to begin using what’s right in front of you at the store to build your health on a cellular level... 

Beneficial foods include: loads of fresh, raw, preferably organic, vegetables, lean sources of protein (like wild salmon, organic or free-range chicken and turkey, or eggs), fish oils, seeds and nuts (but use nuts very sparingly due to their high fat content – maybe by sprinkling a few onto your salad).

Foods to avoid include: Sugars and sugar-containing foods, yeasts, breads and pastries, raised baked goods (like breads, rolls, and cakes). Alcoholic beverages. Condiments and sauces which are things like mustards, Worchestshire sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. Processed or smoked meats. Leftovers, if foods are not promptly and properly refrigerated, they cause acid in the body to develop. Fruit juices. Caffeinated coffees and teas. Hormone-injected, non-organic meats. Sodas (depending on where you are in the world, you may call a “soda” a “soft drink” or a “pop”), every single ingredient in a soda causes an acid build up in your body. Almost all diet foods. Fast foods, artificial sweeteners, all preservatives, cooked oils, fat-free, sugar-free, low-carb pre-packaged foods. Any hydrogenated oils. …and dairy products except for eggs.

WOW – What a list! How many of those did you eat today?

Remember that I’m not suggesting that you completely transform your diet – all I’m doing is showing you a few of the things that are killing you from the inside out (I’m just kidding ;-) Use this list as a place to discover the foods in your diet which are helping you to have more energy, and those which may be exhausting your energy levels and forcing your body to store fat…

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10. Avoid that cup of coffee. Our studies, as well as studies from other prominent research firms like Johns Hopkins have shown that excess consumption of coffee can magnify the effects of hypothyroidism in both those who have yet to have the condition detected and in those who are on thyroid treatment. Let’s take that further… excess coffee speeds up the rate at which a person stores bodyfat in those who are taking thyroid medication. So what determines if you’re consuming “excess” coffee? In reality, any coffee is too much coffee, and if someone tells you different, either they’re selling coffee, or hooked on it – and I’ll tell you right now that the majority of researchers who stay up all night looking through microscopes (pressed by ‘contributors’ who fund their research to deliver marketable concepts), are mostly coffee lovers.

So how much is too much? If you really feel the need to drink coffee – then first try switching to a non-acid form of coffee, then try limiting your intake to 2 cups per day – and preferably spread those cups out so you’re not downing 2 cups in an hour.

Statistically speaking, about 20 million Americans suffer from some form of thyroid disease or disorder. In the case that surgery is necessary, it is important to follow the guidelines established by your doctor, which can include both natural and synthetic treatments, to ensure optimal mental and physical health beyond the surgery.


Here's to your health,


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Disclaimer: The information in this report is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians. Neither the author, nor his team, directly or indirectly dispense medical advice or prescribe treatments for any kind of disease. The intent is to offer information to help you, the reader, cooperate with other health and fitness professionals in your mutual quest for optimum weight loss, fitness, and good health. Since every person’ s metabolic response and general health requirements will differ, it is strongly emphasized that any person desiring to use the information contained within this report, or any other dietary, fitness, or health information, should first consult with his or her doctor and should remain under the doctor’s close medical supervision and advice. The information and ideas in this report are for educational purposes and are not intended as prescriptive advice. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician before making any changes to your current lifestyle.

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