Hollywood’s Fountain of Youth: How They Stay So Young
by Christopher Guerriero

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It’s that time again…. Everyone is busy making their New Year’s resolutions. Often, weight loss tops that list. But the New Year, like birthdays, tend to make people think about their fleeing youth, and nowadays finding ways to stay young is just as important as shedding holiday weight.

Fortunately, there are some proven ways that we can put the brakes on Father Time. And, lucky for you, I’m here to show you how...

The first thing we have to do is look at the primary reason that people age prematurely. Once we know that, we can stop it and sometimes even reverse it to a certain extent.

The reason you see so many people who are old, even haggard, before their time is very simple: acidic lifestyle. 

The good news is that you can change this. From almost the moment you begin changing your diet and start to live healthy, you will look younger and feel better. You just need to discard that acid and live what we call an “alkaline” life.

With a little help, you can easily live an alkaline life. You’ll shed weight, you’ll look better, and you’ll feel better. And I bet you’ll never want to go back to living “the other way.”

So, let’s get to it... 

The most important part of living alkaline being successful in your weight loss attempt is to changing your diet.

The first thing we must do, however, is determine exactly what it is I mean when I say acidic lifestyle. Simply put, it means that you ingest foods and liquids that are acidic, and this is terrible for your body.

The audio program provides an exhaustive list of items that cause your body to age at a seemingly faster rate. These are foods and liquids you want to avoid at all costs, and while there isn’t enough space here to provide the full list, I’ll provide you with a somewhat smaller version so you can get started. Here you go:

• Chocolate, candy, cookies and other, similar foods with high sugar content cause the body to store harmful acids.
• Breads, rolls, and pastries are serious offenders and are notorious for packing on the weight.
• Beer, wine, and liquor.
• Spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressing, and most other condiments – it’s the little things, such as these, that most people don’t think about while preparing their food. You can ruin a nice, healthy salad by drowning it in dressing.
• Processed meat, like most lunchmeats, are full of ingredients that will just bloat your body with acid.
• Soda, whether you drink lemon-lime, cola, or even root beer, you are harming your body. In addition to causing the acidic buildup, sodas also cause you to gain weight.

Now that you know some of the things you can’t eat, I bet you’re wondering, “WHAT’S LEFT?” Well, now we can learn about living in what we call the alkaline life. 

Trust me, you’re going to lose weight, look great, and be happy.

In order to cleanse yourself of the toxins, those “acids,” which have been gathering in your body for so many years, you need to start eating foods that are nutrient rich, not calorie rich.

It’s common sense, really, when choosing foods that will create an alkaline environment in your body. You want protein in the form of lean cuts of fresh meat, chicken breast, fish, and raw vegetables. You might also seriously want to consider going organic. First, you get a higher quality of food. Second, the price difference when eating organic really isn’t that much, especially considering how important it is to your health.

Start eating the right way, and you will do more than just lose weight. You will begin a reversal of the aging process, and you will really notice a change in your physical, as well as your mental, wellness.

In order to supplement your diet, I suggest juicing as much as possible. It’s a great habit to get into. You are able to ingest more nutrient-rich vegetables in a shorter amount of time, and it’s something for which your body will really thank you.

If you have absolutely no idea what juicing is, don’t worry. It’s easy, and we’ll get into it in more depth at another time. In the meantime, you can substitute juicing with a “green drink,” which is a very easy, timesaving alternative.

Something else you are definitely going to want to add to your diet is fresh water and plenty of it. Soda and all those sugary juices just don’t cut it, no matter how “diet” or “healthy” they claim to be - they slow down weight loss with every sip.

So, that’s it. Creating that alkaline environment in your body and living healthy is a simple, straightforward process. Eat turkey, eat tuna, fill your diet with raw vegetables (organic if you can do it), and lots of fresh water.

I know that it’s hard to switch to this kind of lifestyle cold turkey, especially if you’ve been living unhealthy for most of your life. I suggest making the change in gradual steps, changing out your soda for water, and then introducing more greens into your diet. As you begin to feel the wonderful change overtake your body, the rest of the switch to the alkaline lifestyle will be easy and your weight loss will be permanent.

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